Participants feedback


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Manuela, author of Moorenweis and others

Dear Rudi, thank-you for the 5 wonderful days, for your sense of humour, for giving us courage, for your unerring flair, for knowing just when and how much guidance one needs at the right moment, for your inspiration, for your hospitality, for the conversation etc. etc. etc. After every day I was so relaxed that not even the daily traffic jams on the motorway would have bothered me. I have been to some craft courses and workshops in the past but, I have never before felt so comfortable or been able to or were allowed to work so freely. Nor have I ever shaken off the apprehension of venturing into something new quite so quickly and still felt with all the freedom you gave us very well guided and supported……. I like what I sculpted out of my stone – I will definitely be back.

Uschi from Starnberg, animal keeper and HP for psychotherapy

What a great course – arhythmical hammering and knocking that somehow wants to be integrated into your own beating pulse. Quoted often but seldom practised – Make way for the here and now. Bits of conversation floating by from both sides of me that sometimes switches over to a philosophical talk or laughter. Slowly my imagination awakens and I start to create my stone. When I had difficulties Rudi came to my aid……..and knocks off a piece of stone…….or gives us some guidance with his humour and expertise. The group was super, the scenery a dream and lunchtime “dolce vita” Even though we were using our concentration all day and were tired in the evenings it was pure divine relaxation. Definitely a worthwhile and rewarding “time out from daily life” thanks to the group and Rudi for the wonderful time.

Helga, ZDF (TV) from Mainz

This was my 2nd stone sculptor workshop with you Rudi dear and it still won’t be my last. I gained experience in the 5 days working on the stone all thanks to your supporting encouragement and your tips on craftsmanship. I was able to go home totally relaxed and happy with my successful piece of work. A hearty thanks to you Rudi for the good time, the delicious food, your hospitality, your humour and the C.D. with the lovely photos. To the group – it was nice to have met you and it was something special with you all. I can still feel the effects of the course and my stone spreads its energy here at home. There is no better spa holiday for body and soul. 

Rainer, Vocational school teacher from Hohenroth

It was only going to be a one off trial on the stone for me. But the stone answered so knowingly to the knocking of my chisel that a little potential to become addicted arose. I then took another course to sculpt red sand stone Rudi was managing the course in his unobtrusive manner. Staying power and patience with small steps of progress were all that was needed. Whilst I was chiselling I discovered new depths to myself. Lunchtime gave us all the opportunity to have a conversation and to recuperate with your legendary spaghetti and some red wine. For me it was astonishing to see the various fanciful and creative works of art from the participants.

Daniela, hairdressing master from Aschaffenburg

I am still elated from my experience. To leave everyday life behind – just hang out, let go of everything, meet nice people! Be in a wonderful atmosphere with your excellent competence – the journey to your goal. That was brilliant!!! Thanks once again to the great group “It was fun” and a special thanks to you Rudi.

Jörg, therapist from Deining

An unbelievable vibrant, lively, exciting, moving, kind, irritating, powerful, gentle, still and yet so simple course! Thanks very much Rudi.

Jens, economist from Essen

All in all it was simply the best. Location!!!!!!! Excellent all round care combined with tasty food. Very relaxing, pleasant, uncomplicated atmosphere thanks to Rudi’s very nice discreet manner, his wonderful humour and infectiously good spirits. Result = return attender. THANKS!!

Margot and Ingolf, both Doctors from Stuttgart

Dear Rudi thanks very much for the C.D. Your course on the 1st of May was super and a small milestone in our lives. After sculpting out stones we felt as if we had been new born and were full of energy and this makes it easier for us to make the right choices in our near pending difficult decisions we need to make. Does that have anything to do with the stone or your philosophy? Both probably! We miss your spaghetti and your hospitality. Our works get a lot of praise and admiration here at home. See you again sometime in Aschau …. connected in stone.

Anke, engineer from Freising

I often think back with joy to the course, it gave me a lot of new energy and strength for my career and family.

Joseph, pensioner and ex banker from Hamburg

Back again for the 3rd time and again 5 stars!!!!

Katja, art master from Ingolstadt

I would like to take the chance to thank you again for the wonderful 4 days with you. It was a worthwhile experience for me and I can still feel the effects of it even though I myself am not fully aware of it. I still find it hard to believe what we are all capable of, what we can do and make when we simply turn off our thoughts and just “do it”. My stone is now in my garden summer house.

Jutta, solicitor from Aschaffenburg

……… still utterly fulfilled – just don’t know what to say – it was utterly unique. Thank you for everything.

Henny from Switzerland

I’m back again in my daily routine. I had 5 wonderful days – many thanks once again. I will be back at the latest next summer 2017. It is definitely addictive. My work of art has been praised and admired J  when it was finished it was successful.

Carmen from Schorndorf

I am extremely happy to have just come across your site in the internet and registered for the course. I had no particular visions my aim was just to get some practice so that with the help of a stone mason I could make a gravestone at home for my husband. But it didn’t happen like that. You didn’t say much but with your discreet support and help it was soon quite clear to me that this was no practise run but the real thing. The whole group were brilliant.

Jutta, social worker with diploma from Bad Dürkheim

“Just do it and let it happen” they were Rudi’s words on the phone that encouraged me to take the course even though I had no experience at all. I did exactly that and I can tell you it was a very intense experience in every way possible. I experienced through my hands and with all my senses: my stone came alive and I did again too. Thanks Rudi and thanks to the great group and a very special course.

Alexandra, sales from Neufahrn

Thanks again Rudi dear for your support during the 3 days. I found your directness and your humour very refreshing. We worked and laughed a lot. You were always there for us and nothing was expected of us. We could simply work on our stone with no pressure, having no shame for anything that we did. Your guidance was very helpful and the fact that you supplied us with a large variety of tools to use was brilliant. If we got stuck for ideas the other participants were always eager to help and give ideas too. The time just flew by …… Stone sculpting……to be continued…..see you again.