startRudolf Söllner

born in Munich in 1962 studied the art of painting at the Berlin Academy for Art and Philosophy / German Philology FU Berlin.

Between 1986 and 1988 he lived in Carrara Italy. There Rudolf learnt the classic artisan craftwork of “marmista e scultore” the Italian stone sculptor.

After becoming qualified as a stone mason and a stone sculptor master in Germany and after management work in the Natural stone industry returned in 1996 to Oberbayern. Since then he has been self-employed with his own stone mason and stone sculpturing atelier in Aschau Chiemsee.


At the Arno Stern in Paris trained as an art atelier manager.


Other miscellaneous training includes systemic work / family constellation (Stephan Hausner at Siegsdorf) and civil conflict transformation in Bonn.


Focal point the encouragement of interactive creativity.


Since 1997 construction and management of the stone sculptor workshops, including work in penitentiaries and psychiatric clinics:

JVA Bernau and Laufen-Lebenau (prison)

Heckscher – Klnikum München and Rottmannshöhe (psychiatric clinics for children and juveniles)

Clinic specialising in psychiatric and psycho-therapy at the Klinikum Garmisch-Partenkirchen (psychiatric in and out patients)

Klinikum Ludwigsbad Murnau (addiction care)

Klinikum Roseneck Prien am Chiemsee (psychosomatic)

Chiemgau Klinikum Marquartstein (Rehabilitation, psychosomatic)

University teaching position Augsburg University philosophical – social science faculty (art education)