Stone sculptures

To the work

This website will give all the Doctors, therapists, sculptor and non-professionals that are interested, an initial insight of the sculptor courses developed and conducted by myself Rudolf Söllner. This firstly presents “photographic material” under the headings of “Stone sculptors” and “Course impressions”. These will be used variously in the concept and show the results of various individuals. In the published text material “Therapy Courses” you will find a few fundamental ideas on the specific subject of a sculptor course using natural stone material. These run under different aspects (prompting creativity, therapy, self-awareness etc.) and are regularly refined and elaborated on.

The works that are shown here are from the different courses and workshops that I myself have held.

About 90% of all participants have never before had anything to do with stone or sculpting and can start the course without any previous knowledge or any sort of preparation before-hand.

Input time for the work is anything between 12 to 25 hours.

The courses and workshops have been taking place since 1997 in private premises (see as well as in prisons, psychiatric wards, and rehabilitation institutes for juveniles and adults.

So that the anonymity of the participants can be guaranteed the work of the participants will be randomly mixed up and the face of all the participants will be disguised and made unrecognisable.