Patientens Feedbacks

Feedbacks are uncensored and in chronological order (most recent first).


Not to have to conform to any standards or specifications.

To be able to work freely and be creative. To have the chance to work in your own time at your own pace. To have a certain clarity in your mind whilst working. To be able to concentrate on what’s essential right at that moment. How objects change and are put into perspective. Experience new feelings of security that change.

Working with new, and for me, unknown materials, to be able to let your own creativity takeover. A great community atmosphere and interesting suggestions from the course manager. Full concentration, absolute creativity, to be able to switch off and free up your mind, enthusiasm for the material.

Peace and quiet, no time limit pressure, just do it, no specifications or standards, thoughts and ideas just come to you by themselves. No time limit, the relaxing tranquillity and that nothing you do is classed as a mistake.

To let your creative urges run wild. Working without a plan can lead to success.

Nice pleasant atmosphere, lots of fun, curiosity, spontaneity, creativity and a free mind.

Most outstanding professional guidance and competence from the course manager this is reflected in the communication and motivation of the participants. Showing your own ideas through your work. To work on new material, concentrating on that particular “moment” in time. This has the same or better effect than that of any other psychological measure at that “moment”.

The chance to test new craftsmanship skills and to create something. Discover new creative talent and new hobby.

Handling a natural material like stone. One can work very well on stone without using a lot of force. The stone takes up all your concentration it is really very meditative and relaxing working on stone. Surprisingly ideas just develop all by themselves.

Working on the stone itself. That you can “always “work on it unimpeded development. Your own design, discover your own creativity.

To do something completely different. To be open for new ideas and see things from a different angle.

That the stone slowly takes shape but is constantly changing. That change is not always a bad thing that it can be something nice.

The open manner, the professional competence, the independent work, each other’s company. Sculpting stone is brilliant.

The community and the relaxing work. What I sculpted out of my stone. That it is really easy to envision something and to create this in your stone.

The creative activity itself and the fact that you don’t have to have a plan to be able to create something.

Being creative, working with new material and being positively distracted from everyday life.

That something good will be the end result. You don’t always have to have a plan and if you do have one you don’t have to stick to it.

Working with a new material, the great care and support, the good equipment e.g. tools. You can just switch off and let your ideas flow. Enthusiasm for the stone but that does take time to get. To be able concentrate 100% on what you are doing with nothing at all to distract you.

The development of your stone; first no idea at all, then a few ideas and thoughts and then everything going smoothly ideas just come to you. It was really nice. I am a little talented in art, I am proud of my work. I also worked on it in my free time at the weekend.

To create and design freely without any specifications or judgement. Creative ideas whilst creating and changing the shape of your stone.

The way the course manager dealt with the patients. Creative ideas returning that had been buried away for ages. New ways to relaxation! One of the best offers that the clinic had to offer us and it is on the same level as a one to one with a pedagogue. You get absolute relaxation and peace of mind.

Simply switch off and get going with no requirements. Great material. Watch your own masterpiece take shape.

Being creative, being in contact with other, helping each other or thinking together.

The next time I take the course I will gladly do it all again. To develop and to experience at the last minute exactly what it will be without having to work hard at it. Thoughts run freely through your mind.

Being with others that; discover your creativity, unimagined possibilities. I can really recommend this course. You really can free up your mind. One concentrates on what is essential at that moment. Your own artistic possibilities unfolding in front of you.

Not having to follow a role model to just  work freely.  You can take the work you have done home with you. Having a reminder at home of the happy time sculpting your stone. Relaxation experienced through the work you did with different tools, well guided through the whole process.

You are not forced in any way what so ever to have to do anything at all in a certain way you are free to work in your own way.  Mr. Söllner’s nice manner and the work we did in groups. Was well surprised with what I could create. Was amazed at what we laymen could make out of a block of stone.

No obligations just do it your own way.  With guidance everyone can create something.

Learning how to shape the stone with a competent, friendly and helpful course manager who gives you the feeling even though you are not experienced you can have a lot of fun sculpting your own stone. Working quietly in a new environment to listen to your inner-self, finding out what kind of encumbrance is good for you. To develop your own masterpiece without any previous knowledge to watch it change shape and take shape.

Brilliant – very good.  Made a superb feature out of a square block.

To work on your own and be creative without being judged and there was always someone ready to listen. To be able to do something with a little guidance that I never thought I was capable of.

The course manager’s (Mr.Söllner) quiet manner. That I felt brave enough to trust myself to try something out even if I wasn’t one of the best.

To be creative.  To be confident.

The personal contact with the participants.  Initiating your own design with the material.

The stone enables you to be extremely creative. You could almost hear the stone speaking to you. Always having and working with new ideas.

It was great fun. What you could do with the stone. You could blend out everything around you and all your problems whilst focusing on the stone. Actually working on the material itself. To solve problems by looking at things through all sorts of different angles.

Just the material stone itself. That I could make something out of the stone and identify with it. Don’t even think about whether you can do it or not. Just get on and do it.

The nice and friendly manner of the therapist. To see how creative people can be. New experience. Not to just hammer slots or chiselling away at cement. To give life to a block of stone.

To discover your own ability. To see what can be made out of a stone block. I was able to turn off from the outside world and let my creativity run wild. If plan A didn’t work out then I could make the best out of plan B, C or D.

To be able to be creative but to have support and guidance at times when needed. That it is really good to exhaust yourself doing this kind of work.

The simpler the motif the better the result and the feeling of success will be.

It helps you to comprehend the three dimensional perspective in stone.

No previous experience is necessary.

Rudi has a lot of enthusiasm for sculpting and I would highly recommend his workshops.

Everyone can progress at their own pace under the watchful eye of Rudi who, was always ready to offer assistance and advice.

No creative ability what so ever but left with a “masterpiece” and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

I learnt the freedom to be creative and not to be scared of chiselling stone.

The stone is so pleasing to work with.

Just go with the flow and see what happens.

Stone sculpting makes you focus on working on the stone and this is very calming.

It is very inspirational.